Saturday, May 28, 2011

Trying to keep up with postings!!

I guess after a few months, when you don't keep up with your blog or doing any postings on your blog; there are times that the blog will kick you out and you have to reset another password up. I think for me not keeping up with my blog, is mainly, I have not had any inspiration to do any postings at all. Part of it is my fault, but than again, there are times that when I don't get answers from any of my friends, I just don't have the will to do any postings on my blog at all. I can understand for the friends that I have out of state or lives in different states may not respond to me at all or responds very little, but my friends who live in the same state, will not send me a message on their own or respond back to my messages that I send out to them. I get tired of starting some things myself. Take for example; when it comes to chatting with a friend on FB I usually start the chat myself; I always have to instigated myself and when I do, I get no response back. I get the same thing when I send out messages to certain people on FB. I would send a message out to someone and again no response back at all or I have to beg for them to send me a message back. Another example; I try to invite friends here in the State of Utah, to certain events ahead of time and no response back if they want to go to the event or not. By the time I find out of my friends want to go to events here in Utah, it is at the last day or minute and I here, that they have other plans, when I did ask first and ahead of time. Maybe that might be a reason for not having any inspiration not to post anything on my blog. I am tired of getting no response from any of my friends. The link to my blog is automatically posted when I do postings on my blog, yet everyone "says send me the link to the blog" when the link is already there. When I post this to FB the link is there, just click on the link and it will take you to all of my postings. If for some reason that you cannot make a comment, than make a comment on FB under my profile. You can make a comment two ways now, on FB or under my postings of my blog.

To end, I know this might be a complaint or a cry, but I have every reason to complain and cry. I get tired of being ignored and tired of begging for answers and for someone to send me messages or chat with me on FaceBook on their own. I thought that FaceBook was all about not just playing games and have game neighbors, I thought it was about getting back in touch with friends, staying in touch with friends, and meeting new friends. That is one of the reasons why I want to delete my FaceBook account. I try my best to stay in touch with my friends, especially the friends I have here in Utah, but they don't want to speak to me at all. Again, I have the right to complain and do a little crying. If there is anyone who understands where I am coming from than please tell me; or give me some ideas on how I should start getting inspired to write something more than just complaints and crying. My friends do inspire me, but when I don't here from them as often as I should, I am not inspired at all.

Well, it is Memorial weekend and I wish I had my friends to celebrate the weekend with Frank and I, but unfortnately, it looks like it will just be the two of us. Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend to all of my friends in and out of State.

Love Your Friend and Always,

Sara Marie McMurdie (Sara M. M.)