Friday, June 8, 2012

Trying to get good ideas

Well, I am stuck!!  I have been trying to come up with some good ideas to write in my blog, but I just cannot come up with some ideas.  Maybe, my followers/friends can send me some ideas by e-mail or FB.  My idea, that I have is to go back to some of my writings from High School and College and rewrite and post those for a while until I can come up with something else.  So far, I do have something exciting happening, but I don't want to post it just yet until I am done, because it might be in parts for a while.  So, hopefully, I will come up with something on my own or if anyone can send me ideas, I would love that!!  Well, Thanks for reading and if making any comments, thans very much.

Love Your Friend,
Sara M. M.