Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Some things just doesn't go right!!

Hey everyone, ever had a day to where nothing is going to go the right way or some things just doesn't go right? Don't you wish that anything you are doing would go right? For me and I am not saying that I am the only one who has problems, but for me today nothing is going right. I feel like I cannot get myself started for day. I sometimes whish I had help with any of my projects or even housework today. (LoL...any takers.) There are also times that I sometimes wish I could receive answers from people who I invite to certain events and also wishing I had tickets to go to certain events. There is one event that is happening this weekend and I wish I had tickets to go to this event. The event is divided up into two days four sessions and I wish that I had tickets to one of the sessions, but that never happened. I even sometimes wish that any of my friends that are close, here in the state of Utah, would come over and see me, just to check up on me, to see how I am doing, but again that never happens. I don't want family to check up on me, I want my friends to check up on me. Maybe, I am just complaining, because I do feel like that some things are not going the right way. Well, this blog is going out to those who is having things going on and is not going right, not just for today, but everyday. Good luck everyone with anything you are doing!!

Love always,
Sara M. M.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

First Day of Autumn

Today is Thursday, September 23rd, 2010, First Day of Autumn. It does not feel like Autumn yet, but I am ready for it and also looking forward to winter. I don't have too many Autumn pictures, but being that October and November is coming up, I can put Holloween and Thanksgiving pictures on my postings of blog and notes. Looking more forward to December, because than I can do pictures of snow and Christmas. I remember someone had liked some Thomas Kinkade pictures, I look forward to putting those on just as well. Would you actually believe that it is not October and November yet and Holloween and Thanksgiving is coming out in the stores. I am even seeing a touch of Christmas coming out. I guess the stores need to get the bigger items out, that way if one needs to put items on Lay-away for Christmas they can.
Well, everyone enjoy your First day of Autumn and looking forward to writing more as the days are yet to come.
Sara M. M.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Slowing down a bit!!

It's hard to believe that this Thursday, August 23, 2010 is going to be the first day of Autumn. Of course today I am having a hard time typing. I have learned that why I post things on my blog it will also post on my facebook just as well under my tab that is labeled notes. Being that it is hard to believe that Autumn is going to be here, it means that soon we are going to creep up on Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years getting ready to enter into 2011. WoW!! Time flies by really fast. Everyone is busy with school, older adults who are going to college or a university is busy, more so, when midterms are coming up and finals that will soon arrive in December. Not to scare anyone. A friend of mine said that one of his classes, he has to depend on taking a final test for a grade. I wish him good luck. I know that parents are going to be extremely busy with their children and school. Good luck parents and hopefully you won't be too stressed out. As a matter of fact I hope nobody gets too stressed out and over whelmed. I know a few friends that are close by and if they get stressed out they are more than welcome to come over to my place and escape for the weekend. I have a pull out bed couch that they can sleep on, plus a floor if needed. And if they are not allergic to cats, they will need to put up with my cat Lucky.

Now, that I wished everyone good luck with the rest of this year, it is my turn to talk about me for a while. I have been very emotionally and physically tired. I don't want it to be this way. I do my best to go to church to spiritually get myself motivated for the week and I try to take it easy when I am hurting. If I sound like a whimp, well than maybe I am, but you try going through surgery (happen in 2008) having your gall bladder removed and 20% of your pancreaus removed. Also, try having pancreatitus and type 2 diabetes. I do my best to take my medications and go see my doctor, but when money is tight it is a little harder on me. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that I am the only one who has problems, I am sure there are others who have problems with certain other types of diseases, including cancer. But with me, I feel very tired. I have been trying to find someone who can come and help me out once or twice a week and it needs to be someone that I can afford. I can't afford to hire a nurse or a housekeeper, it will cost a little bit too much. The way I can afford is to reimburse for gas and feed the person meals. My husband does his best to help out, but with him working overtime and graveyards he only has so much time in the mornings and than he needs his sleep. But, I do appreciate his help so much when he can provide it.

Another reason for this entry is that I have a lot of projects I need to catch up on. One of them I am doing right now. I would like to write in my blog about every other day and try to post something very exciting and interesting so everyone can try and laugh or make a comment back. I also have other projects that needs to get done before Christmas, some take a little bit longer than what I had planned on and it would be nice to get them done. Than there is my housecleaning, because I don't have the extra help I would need to take time to keep up with my housecleaning. I am not deleting any of my accounts from facebook and from my blog. I am going to slow down and take it easy on facebook. I will be on facebook in the morning from the time I wake up and turn my computer on for at least about one hour to an 1 1/2 hours at the most. Long enough to check any messages and in Alpha order to send out private messages to all of my friends. Than during the day, I will be off of it to work on my projects and housecleaning and than later in the evening I will be back on facebook to send out private messages to my friends. I will try to do one or two friends maybe three a day, to let them know that I have not forgotton about them. Again, I am not deleting my facebook account, just taking it down, limiting myself because of projects that need to get done. As far as my Facebook games, I will still play those, but mostly one in the morning and more in the evening.

I love everyone who are my friends and love to keep in touch with all the time. Six friends in particular, plus my family. Well, I know this blog is a bit long, but had to get out what I needed to say. I might have missed something, but if I did miss something it was probably not important. Thanks for reading this.

Love your friend,

Sara M. M.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Anyone who still goes and reads my blog, there will be some more writtings and updates soon. Have not forgotten, just been a little bit busy.

Sara Marie McMurdie