Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The starting of a Holiday Season!

Normally, I usually have a well thought out writing for my blog. But do to the fact that I am running out of time, I should just flow with this one for today is November 1, 2011. Hard to believe that we have this month and next month before we see another year come to an end and getting ourselves ready to start another year. About two or three years ago I started a project with my blog, I still continue with that project even if noone has time to respond back or make any comments at all. It would be nice for some of my friends to respond back or make comments to some of my blogs. I am trying to get the holiday season going by doing writings in my blog everyday. I will switch pictures off and on using pictures of Our dog Stubby and our cat Lucky. The picture you will see is Stubby and Lucky; Stubby is an inheritance dog, was Grandma Radford's (Frank's grandmother) dog. Apparently Grandma Radford is not allowed to have Stubby anymore, because Grandma Radford is unable to handle Stubby. For a while Stubyy was with Frank's parents for a while, but that did not work out, which also has a story behind that, but will not mention it. So we ended up with Stubby and he has been a blessing to our family. Stubby is a Boston Terrier (Spelling) full breed, he is about 8 to 9 years old and Frank and I love him very much. He gets along with our cat Lucky who we have had for a while, I actually have had Lucky two years before Frank and I married. Lucky is 16 years old, he does now have Kidney disease, but I for see Lucky living a little bit longer, hopefully up to about 20 to 23 years old. Some would say that we have many things to be Thankful, for being that this month is Thanksgiving and we should find many things to be Thankful. As of right now, I want to say that I don't have a lot of things to be Thankful for this year, because I sometimes feel that a few items were taken away from me and I have been feeling very depressed and disconnected. Where the depression is coming from or how that is going on is unknown, there are a number of reasons for the depression, some could be health related or something else. A part of me will not discuss that for awhile. The disconnected, even though I have two pets, I don't have children, I miss my friends and family in New Mexico and even more so, because I now don't have any way to get back home to see them. Sure, I do have some friends here in Utah, but they don't take the time to come see me, call me, write to me or even send me a message back on FB, my friends here in Utah is too, too busy. I know they have jobs, school and a life, but it would be nice for them to aknowledge that I am alive and every once in a while to at least call me, write to me or even send me a message back on FB or even come see me sometimes. I try to invite them over for dinner, but the excuse I get sometimes, I am busy with school and I know for sure that finals starts in December. I guess, there is something that I am Thankful for and that is having two wonderful pets a cat and a dog, especially when they too act like children. I am also Thankful for my husband, in spite sometimes he has a lazy side around the apartment, he is really good to me and tries his best to bring in some income, even if it is not much. Well, again, I usually have this well thought out, but I just had to go with it. If I have any out of place words or sentence and misspelled words than I apologize for it. I will switch between Thanskgiving pictures and pictures of Stubby and Lucky. Oh, I forgot to mention, my cat Lucky is pure white with blue eyes and Stubby is Black and White. Have to love them both.

Enjoy reading.

Sara Marie McMurdie (Sara M. M.)

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