Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lost Friend

We all heard of loosing our friends for some reason or another. Our friends that we loose can be friends from high school, our parents, grandparents, brother/sister, boy/girlfriend and yes our spouse. Also our friends can be animals to us, such as a dog, cat, birt, etc., that has ben in the family for several years. When we loose a friend, we loose them do to death or loosing them by not keeping in touch with them. But in all my life, I have never heard of loosing a friend, because of one small mistake that was made. When I get into this story, I hope most of my friends will understand why I am letting this out and that what one of my friends did to me was a bit unfair. Also, if any of my other friends might understand this message, it would be nice for some of you to make comments back and another friend to help me out by trying to talk to this person who was unfair to me. Well, here it goes and hopefully it will make sense!! Names will be left out, for protection and to explain this story to a few of my friends.
On Monday night 2/13/13 to Tuesday morning 2/14/12, about 12:47 am, I was up a bit late, not feeling very well and not sleeping very well. I decided to send out messages on FB and by e-mail to let a few of my friends on how I was doing and what has been happening with me. Some of my friends don't have FB, so e-mail was one of the options that I went with for a while. Now with me being up so late, there are times I will say something that comes out wrong or I will send the wrong message out. (Curse me for staying up late and writing so late). I guess when one is tired and not feeling very good, your mind will not think straight at all. In one of my messages, I mention that I have certain feelings, but when I was pouring out my feelings to one of my friends, I accidently sent the message to the wrong FB friend. I didn't realize that I sent the wrong message to my FB friend, when the next morning my FB friend wrote to me and told me that I was going to be blocked from his FB page. I tried apologizing and explaining to him that the message was an accident and my feelings was meant for someone else. But my FB friend would not let me talk it out or let me explain what really happened. I even tried sending e-mails and letters explaining and that I thought that it was unfair to block me and not reading most of my letters and e-mails at all. As a result of my FB friend blocking me and wanting to call off the friendship, I spent the weekend crying my eyes out. I really tried apologizing for my mistake and asking for forgiveness and asking my FB friend to unblock me, re-add me back on as a friend, but still refused. I did admit to who I thought was my FB friend that I made a mistake and that I sent the wrong message out me explaining, but as said before my friend still refused.
I really would like my friend back, but because this friend does not want to have any contact with me at all and I cannot contact this friend anymore, I cannot talk to my friend or tell how I felt, that my friend was unfair to me. I don't know if this blog makes any sense at all. Right because of what my friend did to me, I feel hurt and pain. Maybe, I can have another FB friend of mine who I keep in constant contact with by FB and e-mail to send this message to the friend that blocked me. I need the help, I want my friend back and I need to talk to my FB friend. I want this friend to know that what I did, I did not mean it at all and it was really a mistake. Also, I want my friend to know that if the situation was reverse, I would never block my friend and I would allow an explaintion for what was said.
My eyes are working very well, but in my mind I am typing this blog blind and having a hard time in trying make some sense out of this blog. I am sorry if this is not making sense, but I cannot put names in this story. If there was another way, I would rewrite this blog and have it make sense, but there is not another way for me to really explain.
Well, if I left some things out, I am sorry and please forgive me. The picture, I thought was a good one, for it does match my title.
Love Your Friend,
Sara M. M.

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