Friday, March 16, 2012

Lost Friend 3

I hope this is a good picture to part 3 of my postings to my title blogs of Lost Friend!! I keeping wishing that someday my friend will come back to me, will reaccept me back on his FB friend list and refriend me. I miss my friend and even if I don't have too much to talk about with him, I miss his postings that deals with a few politics. I would love to contact him and send him out my postings of my blogs, so he will know that I am still thinking of him. I also want him to know how much I am hurting, because without his friendship it makes it really hard to tell him that I still care for him as a friend. Like another friend that I have, I feel like I have become rather close to him and sometimes I almost feel like I have some things in common with him. Well, I will still keeping hoping and wishing that my friend will come back to me someday and accept me back on his FB friend list. I know I cannot send this to him, but I do miss my FB friend, he is a real gentleman and a good person.
Sara M. M.

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